Elementary School Visit – Global Recruiters Victoria – Victoria, TX

Global Recruiters Victoria goes to Career Day!

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Last Friday, our Office Manager Laura Grahmann (left), Senior Recruiter Troy Anderson (middle), and Social Media Director Haley Diaz (right) visited a local elementary school’s career day to speak about each of their jobs and daily responsibilities within our Global Recruiters office! Senior Recruiter, Troy Anderson, specializes in Civil Engineering and gave a synopsis of what it is like to be a recruiter and being able to talk to people and help make their career dreams come true. He explained how he works with Civil Engineers and the kind of projects they work on. Our Officer Manager, Laura Grahmann, explained some of her duties as she is the leader in Human Resources, Office Administration, IT and Database Management. She related to the kids in explaining to them that she is to our office as a teacher is to their classroom – she takes care of our employees with whatever they need to be successful. Our Social Media Director, Haley Diaz, also works under Laura Grahmann on our administration team and talked about how she assists with research and how vital it is to constantly learn new information about our office, construction, and social media to continue keeping a social media presence for our office. They had a great time being able to talk with children and sharing our passion with them, as well as hearing a little bit about what they would like to do when they get older.

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