Senior Civil Project Manager – Global Recruiters Victoria – Houston, TX

Our executive recruiter, Marilyn Rhymer, is in need of a Senior Civil Project Manager for one of her clients.

Click HERE to contact us.

Our executive  recruiter, Marilyn Rhymer, is in need of a Senior Civil Project Manager for one of her clients.

They MUST have civil experience in oil & gas construction. This position involves working directly with the owner who wants to one day pass the company on while keeping the legacy alive. There is a lot of growth with this position and our client is open to new ideas and software. They are wanting to give this person a chance to have unbelievable growth so this could be a chance to have ownership into the company one day and be a Vice President over the whole civil division. Please help us out!

Who do you know that really deserves this chance? Contact Marilyn at (361) 570 – 0500 Ext. 106 or

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