Giving Back to the Community – Global Recruiters Victoria – Victoria, Tx

Read about our recruiter’s time speaking to a local middle school!

Last week, our recruiters (left to right) Mandy Lake, Marilyn Rhymer, Jessica White, and Kelsie Dubose took time out of their day to go speak at a local middle school in the community about the interview process and shared some helpful tips. They discussed what attire to wear when going to an interview, and how being yourself and respectful is always the way to go! Social Media Director Haley Diaz (not pictured) also spoke on how the responsibility of social media starts now at their age, because that is a factor employers look at and will follow you from job to job. They explained that you will not only represent yourself, but you represent your company as well. Giving back to our community is one of Global Recruiters Victoria’s biggest passion! Thank you to our recruiters for going and sharing your experience with the youth.

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