Recruiter’s Corner: Confidence riding high

Confidence is riding high when it comes to hiring and counteroffers in the construction and manufacturing industries.

During December I was worried.  For me, that is a big deal since I am naturally an eternal optimist.  Every time I turned the TV on, it was nothing but negative news and most included the word “recession.”

Now in 2019, I see confidence still rides high.  Looking at hiring activity throughout our office, we continue to see strong offers being presented to candidates.  Unfortunately, they are not always from our clients and competition is getting stronger.

Many of the strong offers are coming after resignation in the form of counteroffers.  What I am observing is that few industries are immune.  Within the last thirty days, I have witnessed counteroffers within road and bridge construction in Florida, commercial construction in Texas, pipeline construction in Texas, and heavy steel manufacturing in Oklahoma.  These counteroffers have included some combination of: base salary increases, special retention bonuses, equity, additional vacation time, and many varieties of promises.

My take away; offers are strong, hiring is fast and confidence is riding high.  Interviewing processes must be modified to be competitive in today’s market.  By the way, I am also hearing one word more often than ever before.  That word is retirement.  Retirements are only going to make this market even more competitive.

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