Recruitment agency celebrates major milestones

VICTORIA, TX – Being a successful recruiter in the permanent placement industry requires discipline, excellent interpersonal skills, and a high level of  business development  with clients and candidates.  Recruiters at Global Recruiters Victoria, Aaron Martignoni and Gail Rice, were rewarded for their dedication to these principles on November 28, 2018.

“It’s very exciting and an important milestone, for both our office and organization,” Martignoni said. “It’s an achievement not many people have accomplished, so it’s a great feeling to be recognized.”

Bill and El Gibbens, managing partners at Global Recruiters Victoria, made introductions and presented the two recruiters with special awards at Aero Crafters in Victoria, TX.

Martignoni cashed in $1 million and Rice cashed in $5 million in revenue for the recruitment agency, which specializes in placing high-performing individuals in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Martignoni, who has been with Global Recruiters Victoria for six years, said some of the most challenging aspects of the job can be keeping both sides excited and addressing and resolving any potential risks for clients and candidates.

Martignoni previously worked as a supervisor for a telecommunications company.  Specializing in placing professionals in the commercial construction industry, he has found career growth as part of the Global Recruiters Victoria family.

“The opportunity with GRN just kind of fell into my lap,” Martignoni said. “And I took it and made a career out of it.”

Jolie Wilson of Atlanta, Ga., Vice President of Business Development for Global Recruiters Network, traveled to Texas to celebrate the achievements.

“I was actually around you your first couple weeks on the phone and I was your biggest fan,” Wilson said. “I thought you had a great style and presence.”

Martignoni credited part of his success to the culture fostered in the agency by its managers.

“It’s definitely a team environment where we are constantly motivating and inspiring each other,” Martignoni said. “The fact that they have been here for 13 years means there’s hardly a situation our team hasn’t run into.”

Rice, who previously worked as a sales manager in the furniture industry, described the recruitment business as a game changer for her career.

“I feel like I found my passion and I love what I do,” Rice said. “It’s afforded me the opportunity to provide for my family, as well as give back to the community.”

Rice has been named Search Consultant of the Year in 2017, Search Consultant of the Decade in 2013 and Rookie of the Year on the national level, which includes 180 offices, in 2006.

Helping companies fill an urgent and critical need and candidates leverage their careers is what Rice said she enjoys about her career in recruitment.

“It’s humbling for your hard work to be recognized,” Rice said. “It’s not an easy business because there is so much involved and you’re dealing with humans on both sides.”

The biggest challenges Rice said she faces includes differentiating herself from other recruiters and earning her clients’ and candidates’ trust.

“There’s a lot of recruiters out there that give recruiting a bad name and reputation,” said Rice, who specializes in heavy highway and civil construction. “I’ve been in it for such a long time so I’m the go-to person in my industry – a lot of people trust me to find solutions.”

“Bill and El created this office and they provide us with all the tools and support we need,” Rice said. “One of the hardest things is to consistently be engaged and to continue to produce at a high level because as humans we can become complacent.”

Wilson joked that she was tired of awarding Rice so many times over the years.

“The thought of doing that much business with the intensity that it takes to bill at that level, year after year, after year- you’re one in a million,” Wilson said.

Rice said she plans to continue working hard to reach another milestone.

“I’m not stopping,” Rice said. “This is what I do and this is just the beginning.”

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