Celebrating 50 first-time interviews in one month at Top Golf

The Global Recruiters Victoria team celebrated achieving 50 first-time interviews in month at Top Golf in Katy, TX.

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KATY, TX – Global Recruiters Victoria took their entire team and traveled to Top Golf on September 9, 2018 in Katy, TX to celebrate achieving a new all-time high number of first-time interviews.

First-time interviews are a key performance indicator of future revenue according to Bill Gibbens, managing partner at Global Recruiters Victoria. “This was our first time to ever to make 50 first-time interviews in a single calendar month in our 13 years of operations,” said Gibbens.

The culture of Global Recruiters Victoria is, “Work hard, play hard,” and here’s an example of what that looks like, Gibbens explained.

Troy Anderson, an executive recruiter at Global Recruiters Victoria, said the trip was a way for the team to unwind and celebrate. “It’s a great way to decompress and celebrate our successes,” Anderson said.

The whole office, from the researchers to the search consultants, worked hard as a team to achieve the goal and pulled it off in the end, Gibbens said. “We thought we set the bar high, but since June we have beat our own record with 63 first-time interviews in the month of October,” said Gibbens.

Gail Rice, an executive recruiter at Global Recruiters Victoria, has been with the Victoria office for 13 years. “We really had to dig deep and put together a lot of opportunities for candidates and clients to meet and really push ourselves to compete against each other,” Rice said.

Gibbens attributes much of this activity to solid execution within a healthy economy.

“We are seeing demand for our services increase as the economy gains momentum and the availability of talent becomes much more competitive.”

It is an exciting time to be in the recruitment industry. Global Recruiters of Victoria is looking to expand their team another 2 or 3 people over the next few months. If you have interest in learning more, please email Bill Gibbens at bgibbens@grnvictoria.com.

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