Client Corner: How do we find candidates?

When you think of recruiting, the typical vision is planning a job posting and sifting through resumes. If you have time, you call a few people to see if they might know someone in transition.  If you are aggressive, you offer a recruitment bonus to your employees.

When that is exhausted and you’re at the point of frustration, you turn to a professional recruiter. BAM! Within a week you have a viable candidate. What was different?

Professional recruiters are both hunters and farmers. We cultivate relationships for years, building on an  internal database of candidates to target at the right time. Hence, it is so important to have a recruiter who specializes within your industry.

But knowing where to find the candidate isn’t enough. The professional recruiter has to be skilled in the hunt. Hearing a recruiter ask, “I know you have a job but I know of a better job, want a job?” is simply not very enticing.

Professional recruiters are trained at delivering a compelling, credible and engaging presentation. These presentations are built around why candidates change jobs.

  1. Career advancement/Development
    1. Company
    2. Boss
    3. Position
  2. Leadership – co-workers – culture
  3. Resources to do their job well, are they up-to-date, and relevant?
  4. Security or safety
  5. Compensation

But that’s not all we do. Professional recruiters are skilled at building rapport and trust. Most of the time, no matter how good our initial presentation is, we hear “I’m not interested.” Good recruiters are able to move past the initial rejection and start a valuable dialog. With trust, we are better able to influence the candidates to look beyond “status quo” and encourage them to explore when the time is right.

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