3 questions to ask a recruiter: How you know you found ‘the one’

Got the right recruiter?

Not all recruiters are equal. Just like accounting and lawyers specialize, so do recruiters. And just like accounting and law firms, that specialization brings value.

Here are three quick questions to help you find the right one:

  • Do they specialize in your industry, discipline and geography?
    • As competitive as the recruiting industry is, you’ll come across recruiters that try to recruit outside of their specialty. Beware, of these recruiters and stick to the champions of your industry.
      • Do they know companies and people you know?
      • Have they had recent success at placing people like you?
      • Who are their clients?
  • Do they have support of a team or are they a single practitioner?
    • In our experience the team approach brings huge value from the standpoint of knowing that more connections means more possibilities. We have teams of people that specialize in your industry. A collaborative effort brings multiple options.
  • Are they passionate about helping you with career development, not just the next job?
    • Can they clearly articulate YOUR career goals?
    • Are they looking at your entire career search and providing advice for interviews that you find on your own, in addition to what they are offering?
    • Are they pushing you to make a change when maybe the timing isn’t quite right for your career?

It’s perfectly okay to interview multiple recruiters before selecting the one you want to work with.

A great indicator to watch for is how they follow up on a consistent and informative fashion. Selecting the right recruiter can make a career transition less stressful and when you like the recruiter it can also be quite fun and exciting.

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