Pitfalls of poor hiring processes

What happened?   The offer was what he asked for… why didn’t he accept?

Have you ever felt that?  In today’s market, it is getting more and more common for a variety of reasons.  We, at Global Recruiters Victoria, are privy to hundreds of interviews per year, thousands over the last decade.  We hear both sides of the story and one thing is constant: Time Kills.

Allowing too much time in the interview process will increase the risk that the candidate you now know and love will not show up on his or her expected start date.  In particular, too much time between the final interview and the verbal offer to the written offer is extremely dangerous.  Why, you ask?

“Well, they must not love me because it just took too long for a decision.”  Remember, job changes are emotionally charged.  Managing the candidate’s “feelings” are just as important as providing quality “information.”

“You know, my current boss isn’t so bad.  And,  I can’t believe he invited me to dinner this weekend.”  Time allows candidates to fall back in love with their current boss or co-workers and will allow the candidate to go back to their comfort zone.

“Wow, am I glad they delayed…this is an incredible offer from their competitor!”  This is a very competitive market.  Any additional time allows your competitors to find your favorite candidate.

Next time you have a critical hire, remember, successful hires begin with a well planned interview and on-boarding processes.

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