Is your resume catching attention?

Global Recruiters Victoria literally has thousands of resumes in our database.  Many are good, some are great and some are awful.  Most of the candidates we talk with do not enjoy putting resumes together, but we have learned that investing time and effort in a solid resume will make the difference.  Remember you are competing with other candidates with similar experiences and skill sets, so it’s your job to make yourself appear at the top end of your peer group.  Following are some ideas which should help you create a good resume and get noticed:

  1. Resumes should be written for both Human Resource professionals as well as Hiring Managers. In many of today’s companies, HR professionals do “pre-screening” and it is critical key words be easily found in order to “pass” this screening process.  And remember HR is asking themselves, “does this candidate fit: skill set/experience, affordability, location, and stability.”
  2. If you do a work history with periods of short tenure (less than 2 years) provide valid reasons for the separation.  In many cases you will be able to preempt your disqualification for instability.
  3. Keep it simple and clean looking. White space is your friend and being concise helps convey information quickly.  This will help in the “pre-screening” process.
  4. You may go beyond one page, most resumes we see average two pages. If you do go beyond two pages we find the information may get too distracting to “understand the overall story.”  Make sure you provide enough information, but too much could work against you.
  5. Bullet point projects that you have completed AND include the results of those projects. By providing not only your duties but  your success stories you are defining why you are a “winner.”  People want to hire people that have a history of success.
  6. Punctuation and grammar still matter!! We have seen great candidates lose the opportunity for an interview for just simple mistakes.  “If they don’t take their resume seriously, why would that take communication with our clients seriously?”

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