Top 10 reasons why professionals use recruiters

“You need someone with a broad industry network to share salary trends and specifics.”

Let’s say you’re happy where you live, where you are and with whom you work.

While this is usually everyone’s goal, it is still important to keep your hat in the job marketplace so that you know your worth. Knowing your worth is a good way to leverage raises from your current employer and could be a good way to guide you along your career track.

Here’s a look at the top 10 reasons why using a professional recruiter with an established network could benefit you.

  1. Recruiters provide confidential options.
  2. The career search is targeted to your career and personal goals.
  3. Competitive advantage: You need the inside information, specifically about the company, the details concerning the new role, and company culture from a person that is immersed in the industry but not a specific company.
  4. You need someone with a broad industry network to share salary trends and specifics.
  5. Mentoring:  how to prepare a resume, interviewing, resigning, moving, real estate, and on boarding after taking the new position.
  6. The recruiter acts as a buffer when salary, bonuses, and benefits are being negotiated.  They have all the facts.
  7. The recruiters career depends on the value they bring so giving honest feedback is in their and your best interests. 
  8. They can work on your behalf if you want to change positions now… or if you have a long term plan with very specific requirements that may take months or years to find.
  9. They know how this next position will set you up for future promotions.
  10. Recruiters are not frivolous about your vacation time and you spending time on interviews not targeted to your goals.

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