From a recruiter’s perspective: Trends from 2018

 These are interesting times and the rate of change is noteworthy. Here’s a look at some trends we’ve identified in the recruitment world: 

  • There are critical shortages of talent in every sector.
  • We have never seen it more difficult to find qualified candidates to move / relocate especially to more rural communities. 
  • Salaries are rising at a rate not seen in many years… clients that are sticking to old salary ranges are losing out on outstanding talent.
  • Clients with long hiring processes are losing out.
  • Candidates are curious to see opportunities but very discerning.
  • Candidates that are open to a job change have numerous options, companies are in competition for this talent.
  • Clients that have plans for advancing the knowledge and skill sets of their employees are fairing better than others.
  • Candidates are comparing benefits, especially the medical benefits and associated costs.
  • Good recruiters have many choices on which assignments they work and which candidates have the skills, experience and motivation to make a change.


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